The Department

Training Department consists of four full time experts covering all the required aspects of recruitment process by any IT or non-IT companies. In addition to the sessions which are part of the curriculum, exclusive sessions are arranged zeroing in on the specific company requirement. Apart from the regular syllabus oriented training classes, Department conducts special training classes whenever there is a Placement Drive by any IT or Non-IT Company to increase the number in selection.

Head – Training

  • Name of Head: Ranjan Kumar Varanasi
  • Designation: Training Officer
  • Qualification: M.A (Litt.) DPMIR
  • Training and Coaching Qualification:
    Certified Trainer - American TESOL
    Certified Facilitator - London College of Business Sciences
    Certified National Trainer - Junior Chamber International - India
    Diploma in Life Coaching - Achology – Scotland
    Transformational Life Coach - Evercoach (Mindvalley) – Malaysia
  • Experience: 16 Years in Training (Corporate & Academic)
  • Recognitions:
  • Top Outstanding National Trainer Awardee - 2015
  • Amazon Bestselling Author - 2017
  • Books Authored: 4
  • Hit Your Restart Button
  • You 2.0 – A Crash Course in Personal Reinvention
  • Crack The Creation Code
  • Be More of Who You Are
  • E-Mail ID:
  • Linkedin:
  • Alternate E-Mail ID:

In-house Expert Team

Name Designation Qualification E-Mail Id
Ranjan Kumar Varanasi Training Officer & Professional Communication and Soft Skills Trainer M.A. English. DPMIR
Rajesh Dubasi Verbal Trainer M.A. English, B.Ed.(PhD)
Bhaskar Gembali Aptitude Trainer B.Tech, MBA
Naseer Aptitude Trainer B.Tech

Training Schedule Outline

Regular Training:

  • II B. Tech (1st Sem.) : Arithmetic/ Reasoning (Module 1) &Verbal/Soft Skills (Module 1)
  • II B. Tech (2nd Sem.) : Verbal/Soft Skills (Module 1)&Arithmetic/ Reasoning (Module 1)
  • III B. Tech (1st Sem.) : Arithmetic/ Reasoning (Module 2)& Verbal /Soft Skills (Module 2)
  • III B. Tech (2nd Sem.) :Verbal/Soft Skills (Module 2 & Arithmetic/ Reasoning (Module 2)
  • IV B. Tech (1st Sem.) : Company Specific Training
  • IV B. Tech (2nd Sem) : Training as per the requirement

Value Based Special Talks

Inspirational Talks from Eminent Experts from Industry and Society

750+ offers in 80+ companies in 2020 batch so far with the highest package of 30 lakhs per annum

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